Etowah Police Department

Jim Shaw

Interim Chief of Police Jim Shaw effective February 23, 2020 8:00 a.m.

The City of Etowah Police Department is located at 1317 South Tennessee Avenue. The department incorporates three divisions – Administrative, Patrol, and Investigative. The Administrative Division consists of the Chief of Police and a Records Clerk. The Patrol Division consists of eight full – time Tennessee State certified police officers, two part – time police officers and six reserve officers. The Investigative Division consists of one full – time Tennessee State certified detective.

The City of Etowah Police Department is driven to be the best small city police department in the nation. Toward that end, we have taken an aggressive approach in developing and promoting a positive working relationship and partnership between our staff and the residents of the community. This strong and well – organized police driven alliance has proven to be extremely effective in our crime fighting efforts and has improved the overall quality of life for those who live in the City of Etowah.

It has been, and will continue to be, the fundamental policy of this department to fully support the concept of crime prevention in our neighborhoods by encouraging residents to join the City of Etowah Police Department in working together to make a difference. 


We are committed to the highest degree of service through our standards, training, performance and conduct.


We are committed to valuing human dignity in everything we do.


We are committed to excellence of character and the highest moral and ethical standards.


We are committed to respecting individual differences and cultures while providing fair and equal treatment for all.


We are committed to being a law enforcement leader through exceptional levels of education, technology, equipment and police development.

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Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Closed for lunch 
12:00-12:30 pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday
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