City of Etowah Dog Tag/Registration


Dog Registration:                   

*Dogs/Cats are no longer required to be registered with the city, but is still an option if you choose to do so.

You will need to supply the following documents from your Veterinarian to City Hall to Register you Dog:  

  • Proof of up to date Vaccination Papers
  • Must have Rabies Tag # listed
  • Must have Name and Breed of Dog (vet must specify if it is a mix breed)


The Tag fee is $ 5.00 per year.

Any animal control issue will be handled by the Etowah Police Department

Non-emergency dispatch: 423-263-7088

Etowah Police Department: 423-263-5851

In the event of an emergency (ie aggressive dog, dog attack that requires medical attention, etc.) please call 911.

City of Etowah Municipal Code - Chapter 90