Municipal Finance/Property Taxes


Alison Bull, Finance Director

Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO)

Phone:  423-263-2202, Option 1

Email Alison Bull

The office of the Municipal Finance Director/City Recorder is charged with the preparing and collection of all City of Etowah Property Taxes, City of Etowah Business Licenses, receipts payable and receivable.

Mailing Address:  

City of Etowah

P.O.  Box 1077 

Etowah, TN 37331


1.  Click the link above


2.  From the drop down menu select Etowahimage002

3.  Enter your information as seen on your tax bill or look up you tax information

4.  Pay you tax bill

You may also pay your current property taxes via over the phone:


Frequently Ask Questions About Property Taxes.  

When will I receive my Property Tax Bill?  

Property taxes are due and payable on October 1. They will be mailed out the first business day in October. 


When are my property taxes due?  

Property taxes are due on the last day in February.


Is there a penalty if taxes are not paid on time?  

If property taxes are not paid on or before the last day in February, they will accrue interest at a rate of 2% per month.


What will happen if I do not pay my property taxes?  

Delinquent property taxes are turned over to McMinn County Clerk and Master the April two years after they are due. For       example, 2017 property taxes will be turned over to McMinn County Clerk & Master on April 1, 2020. In other words, we keep two years of property taxes at City Hall: The most current year and the prior year. All other property taxes have been turned over to McMinn County Clerk and Master


Who can apply for tax relief?

Anyone over 65 who makes no more than $29,860

Disabled Homeowners who make $29,860 or less

Disabled Veteran Homeowners

Widows/Widowers of Disabled Veteran Homeowner


How do they apply

An application may be picked up at Etowah City Hall.


What info do they need to apply

We will need a copy of your ID, Medicare card, and a proof of all income.


When is the application

Applications are accepted as soon as property taxes are received.


Deadline if there is one

The deadline to apply for property taxes is 35 days after the last day taxes are due - April 6th.

Please note for new applicants:  


Once the tax bill is paid and all information that we need is brought in, we scan and upload it to the State’s website. Once they review it, they make the ultimate decision on the application. If the State approves the application, they will issue a check to the mailing address that the applicants provided.


For returning property tax relief recipients, the credit is given at the time of payment.


*Please make sure that you keep us updated on your telephone number. This is the primary way that we can contact applicants if we need any additional information*