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Brad Atkins, Public Works Director

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The Public Works Department is constantly working to expand its services and to offer better options for the citizens it serves. It is the departments desire to define all of its refuse streams and establish policy and procedures to collect and recycle those streams. Your patience and input is critical to the development and direction of the department. Feel Free to call the Department at the numbers listed below or email the director with your comments, questions, concerns, or insight.

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Brad Atkins

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April-September all leaves need to be bagged and placed curbside.

October-March the leaf vacuum will be utilized to collect loose leaves that are free of brush, junk, debris, and/or refuse.

Regardless of the season and collection method the quickest, safest, and cleanest way to have leaves collected is to bag them and place them curbside.

When blowing or raking leaves do not place them in the street. Place the leaves 3-5 feet from the roadway. Blowing leaves into the street can pose problems for motorists, storm water flow, and general safety. When leaves become wet they can cause the roadway to become slick, increasing the risk of accidents. Leaves will also block storm drains, which can cause flooded roadways and accidents.

Leaves need to be placed as far away from obstacles as possible. Placing leaves near cars, utility poles, mailboxes, fences, etc. will prevent leaf collection.

Public Works will make every effort to collect leaves in a timely manner. While we have procedures in place to formulate lists of leaves, calling to report leaves at your residence is always helpful.  

Sanitation Route

The City of Etowah Public Works and Sanitation Department is tasked with Residential and Commercial collection of refuse on a weekly basis.

Residential Collection is as follows:

Monday: 9th Street-16th Street from Louisiana Ave-Tennessee Ave; Includes Circle Drive and the Brookhill Area.

Tuesday: 5th Street - 8th Street from Ohio Avenue - West City Limits; Includes Mountain View Estates, Mountain View Hill, and Amanda's Trail.

Wednesday: Toomey Street, Hill Street, Athens Pike, Williams Street - 4th Street from Tennessee Ave - West City Limits, includes Hillside Manor, Tatum Street, Kimbrough Street at the end of Tatum Street, and Crows Nest Subdivision.

Thursday: Seven Cedars Subdivision, Athens Pile from Highway 30 - Martin Lane, Grady Road, Cardin Street, Kimbrough Street, Gentry Street, Hoffman Avenue, Blair Hill, Etowah Heights to include Kellar Court, Wilkins Court, Lawrence Street from Athens Pike - Highway 30, Harren Place, North Washington, and Hillcrest Circle.

Commercial Collection:

All commercial customers will be collected Monday, Wednesday and Friday, if needed, except for those needing collection each day of the week.

                                                City of Etowah Acceptable Recyclables

Item Description Item Description
Plastic All Plastics except store bags Metal All metals. Aluminum, steel, tin, brass, copper, etc. 
Plastic Store Bags Bag separately Electronics All electronics
Corrugated Cardboard Shipping or moving boxes Do-It-Yourself Motor Oil No more than 5 gallons each day in secure containers
Mixed Paper All types of paper materials (Cereal boxes) Paints Latex only
Tires Must be removed from the rim. No more than two each day    

*Oil based paints, hardeners, solvents, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides will all be collected during the Household Hazardous Waste Event