Beer Permit Application

Any business within the City Limits of the City of Etowah that wishes to partake in the sale of Beer for "Onsite Consumption and or Package Sales of Beer" must comply with the Municipal Code for the Cit of Etowah and apply for a Beer Permit.  

The Application may be downloaded from this site or obtained from City Hall directly.

Application Fee:  $ 250.00 - Annual Renewal Fee:  $ 100.00

Downloadable Documents

Retail Package Liquor Sales  -

Chapter 115, Section 12 - Limitation of Number of Retailers
No more than one retailer for each 1,334 persons, according to the last federal or official supplementary census, shall be issued under this sub chapter. (Ord. 736, passed 12-27-2012)


Currently the City of Etowah is at the maximum capacity for Retail Package Stores as per Chapter 115 , Section 12.

Package Liquor Sales Chapter 115 - Alcohol