Municipal Clean Up

Municipal Clean Up: 

 Basic Fee - $10.00

 An additional fee of $20.00 is added per box spring or mattress.

 -Items that will be accepted: Household furnishings, mattresses, small household items, etc.

 -Items that will NOT be accepted: Chemicals, paint, refrigerators, air conditioners, clothing, household waste/garbage or tires. Mattresses with bed bugs will not be collected.

*The City of Etowah will provide a municipal clean up service referred to as “Spring Clean Up” for NO CHARGE once per season.*

This is a service for City of Etowah residents only. The department offers others means of disposal for construction and demolition materials for contractors and landlords. Please see the Mobile Sanitation Trailer Policy for information on disposal of construction and demolition material. The convenience center has an employee available to help with your experience at the center.

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